Saturday, April 08, 2017

Hopalong Cassidy rides again :( . . .

. . . in a wheelchair (borrowed from our synagogue), this time.  I've come down with a whopping case of tendinitis (inflammation in a tendon) on my right foot, and have been ordered to stay off of it until it gets better.  Seriously, this couldn't wait until after Pesach/Passover?  It's a good thing we had a cleaning person, and also that most of the shopping, and half of the planned baking (oh, well) are already done.  But my poor husband now gets to finish the rest of the pre-Pesach preparations while also trying to finish all of his tax work in time for his last-ever deadline.  (Retirement awaits at year's end.)

There's also the interesting question of how I'm going to get to at least one seder to which I can no longer walk.  Fortunately, there's a bus stop about a block and a half from home, and another bus stop about a block from the seder, and all New York City buses are wheelchair-accessible.  The leader of both seders/s'darim is an Orthodox rabbi.  Let's just say that we hope "don't ask, don't tell" applies.

As for the rest of this spring, I guess I won't be going Israeli folk-dancing anytime soon.  Sigh.

For those who'd like to put in a good word for me Upstairs (or who'd like to keep me in their thoughts), my Hebrew name is Leah bat Ester v'Ozer.

Hopalong Cassidy


Blogger Jeanne Barrack said...

Oy! What a time to be laid low! Hope you get better soon. A chag Sameach to you and yours.
And what do you think...will Trump go to his daughter's seder -- assuming she has one. I'll never forget over 40 years ago when we lived in Tallahassee, FL and the rabbi's wife (ultra-Reform) had a sisterhood meeting at the Holiday Inn during the Pesach holiday...sigh Thank goodness my mom had sent us down a Pesach care package from Brooklyn

Sun Apr 09, 05:46:00 PM 2017  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Jeanne, thanks for your good wishes.

I'm assuming that Ivanka will have a seder. Trump may go just to prove what a friend of the Jews he is.

Do such "ultra-Reform" people still exist? I think the Reform are less radical than in the post.

Sun Apr 09, 07:14:00 PM 2017  
Blogger Richardf8 said...

Feel better and let it heal.

Whose session do you dance at?

I think Dudu Barzilai has choreographed some dances for wheelchair. He was at the last camp I went to and the key to getting the camp music/videos was to donate to a charity he is part of to aid with accessibility at dance venues.

Mon Apr 10, 12:03:00 AM 2017  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

I dance at Haim Kaufman's usually-on-Sunday-evenings Rikuday Dor Rishon (Dances of the First Generation) session at the Bridge for Dance (103 and Broadway), which specializes in older dances--they don't do anything that's less than 25 years old, as I recollect. I also dance at Ruth Goodman's and Uri Aqua's Monday night session at the Columbia/Bernard Hillel's Kraft Center.

Accessibility at dance venues would be cool.

Mon Apr 10, 12:59:00 AM 2017  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Richard, thanks for your good wishes. For the moment, I'm feeling better, but that's because I'm on medication and off the foot. Letting my right foot actually heal is going to take a while. I'm fortunate to have a job that I can do from home (except for answering and making phone calls for my boss), so I'll be working from home through next week, for sure. Have computer and e-mail, will work. It sure beats using sick time.

Pesach kasher v'sameach (a kosher and happy Passover) to all.

Mon Apr 10, 09:56:00 AM 2017  

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